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Each piece is a striking original.  It cannot be copied nor reproduced.  Your purchase is an investment in a masterpiece.

About My Art

My art seeks to penetrate the soul and shed light on the human condition.  To do this I focus on the existential pursuit of all living things. I try to capture people as they seek meaning and strive to define their identity …to freeze frame a fleeting and elusive heartbeat when an individual’s face or body communicates their desperate search for something more.

My preferred medium is Plexiglass.  Like the human soul it is beautiful.  Fragile.  Often times broken.  Always unique.  And like the soul, no two of my paintings are alike.  Each is a stunning original with lasting value.  Much like the people that I paint.


Check out this 30 second video unveiling of Eydis!

My Technique

My driving passion is to capture the soul of my subjects. This passion comes to life as I jigsaw a large piece of specially formulated Plexiglas, breaking off pieces as I go. Using a propane torch I temper the edges and, when desired, use the heat of the torch to bend the glass into dramatic, irregular forms. Once the glass preparation is complete I paint from the back of the glass using acrylics. I also apply other media, such as papers and cloth, as I go. The finishing touch is the jewels and artifacts I apply to the front of the glass. I hope you enjoy my work.


I am a proud graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 

"Glass is like the human soul; Beautiful, fragile, and often times broken."


Don't be boring! My art is designed to make an IMPACT. Below are 4 pieces shown in situ (i.e. in an actual setting). Send me a photo of your wall and select one of my paintings and I will show it to you in situ to help you make a decision. No charge. No obligation.

Eydes insitu.jpg






Painting on glass of blonde woman. Painting on glass.
Painting on glass of a beautiful brunette woman walking along the ocean.
Painting on glass of a magestic elephant.


My paintings are sold at art shows, galleries and through commissioned pieces.  Below are a few of the recent sales of my artwork.  To contact me for a commissioned piece, or to purchase any of the paintings showcased in the Gallery section of my website, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.



Stacy & Jim
Lauren & Allen
Midnight Blue
Lisa By The Sea
The Mermaid

Let's Talk
Gallery Inquiries and Commission requests are welcomed.

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