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Marni is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  She has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, portrait artist and fine artist. 


She is a resident of Bradenton, Florida and an active participant in the local Sarasota/Bradenton/Anna Maria art scene.


Marni’s paintings have appeared in several juried National exhibitions throughout the U.S., including the Midwest Watercolor Annual National Exhibition - Chicago, IL, Watercolor West - CA, Art Wyoming - WY, Western Colorado Watercolor Society National Exhibition - CO, and the Niagara Frontier Watercolor National Exhibition in New York.



My art seeks to penetrate the soul and shed light on the human condition.  To do this I focus on the existential pursuit of all living things. A pursuit I find best realized in musicians, dancers, places people gather and interact such as cafes, bars, street corners, …people who desperately seek meaning and strive to define their identity.  I try to capture that moment…to freeze frame a fleeting and elusive heartbeat when an individual’s face or body communicates their desperate search for something more.


My preferred medium is glass.  Like the human soul it is beautiful.  Fragile.  Often times broken.  Always unique.  And like the soul, no two of my paintings are alike.  Each is a stunning original with lasting value.  Much like the people that I paint.


It’s often said that the human figure is the most difficult to paint.  While this may be so, it’s both my gift and my passion.  I seek uniqueness and meaning as I attempt to capture and lay bare the very souls of my subjects.  Bringing them to life through the breaking, forming and painting of glass.

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